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Kellogg Angus Cattle strives to offer their customers quality registered Angus cattle by stringently regulating our herd based on; performance, convenience traits, structural soundness, disposition, fertility, and longevity. Kellogg Angus cattle have genetic traits that will improve your herd, reduce your frustration levels, and increase your productivity.

About Kellog Angus Cattle
Kellogg Angus Cattle began as K&G Cattle Company, a commercial cow calf operation in 2003 which included six registered Angus cows. Kellogg Angus Cattle separated and formed it's own group in 2014 and has grown to a herd of over 200 registered Angus cows, owned and operated by Brian Kellogg. Brian is a professional in his own field and worked his way up through the ever popular Angus industry from the ground up. Brian is a passionate hard working cattleman that has built a unique modern registered Angus cattle herd.

Kellogg Angus cattle have unique qualities, with known proven genetics and established pedigrees that are not commonly found at many of the Angus cattle ranches around the country. Kellogg Angus cattle are bred for frame, calving ease, and weight gain, to fit the needs of the everyday cattle producer. Kellogg Angus Cattle’s goal is to produce quality registered Angus cattle and offer “Ready to Work” Angus bulls to their customers at “Working Man” prices.

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Kellogg Angus Cattle
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